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Whirlpool pleasure from head to foot. When they hear the word wellness, many people think of relaxation and the beneficial effects of water on body and soul. The focus is thus increasingly on the bathroom as a private wellness oasis. After all, what better place to relax than within the comfort of your own four walls. A whirl tub enables you to take a break from everyday life whenever you want. Not every whirl tub is the same, which is why Duravit offers different whirl systems for its various bathtubs and different pool cycles for its pools.
Paiova whirl tub with Combi-System L, 170 x 130 cm
Every whirl system consists of jets with different functions and massage effects. For example, the air system in the Paiova bathtub has twelve air jets embedded in the base of the tub. A fan releases lots of small bubbles of heated air into the water, which gently caress the body. The rhythmical movements not only stimulate the circulation but they also have a deep, relaxing effect on the nervous system. This relieves everyday stress so that the body can relax in a wonderful feeling of calm.

Jets in the side wall
The jet system has jets set into the side walls that expel a mixture of air and water into the bathtub. At the push of a button, calves, thighs and back are given either a gentle or a powerful and soothing massage. The bubbles stimulate the tissue under the skin, muscular pain and tension are eased and circulation improves throughout the body. This generates a sensation of floating.

Luxury whirl tubs combine the positive effects of both systems. They are supplemented by rotating back massage jets that are carefully designed to target the back. These rotojets massage the shoulder and lumbar region. This stimulates the circulation and invigorates the whole body. In the foot area, two adjustable, rotating water-air jets also stimulate the reflexology zones in the feet.

Floating is that wonderful feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation in water.
Small jet – big effect: the Nahho flotation tub is fitted with a special whirl system featuring the Durapearl jets. These base jets generate a bubbling mix of water and air. Thanks to thousands of small water bubbles and the “bushman” neck rest, bathers can float and enjoy that wonderful feeling of stretching out and simply drifting in water; relaxation at its best. Find out more about floating and Nahho

Whirling becomes a holistic experience and gently caresses both body and spirit.
Bathing in a pool offers a feeling of sheer wellbeing and leaves nothing to be desired. The Duravit Blue Moon and Sundeck whirlpools offer high-quality whirl jets. The three pre-programmed “Emotion”, “Relax” and “Power” cycles guarantee stimulation or relaxation to suit any mood.
Control element fitted intp the tub's rim.
Together with the Durapearl base jets, powerful, directly adjustable back and foot massage jets with a mixture of air and water offer bubbling bathing pleasure. With LED coloured light and five possible coloured light programmes, whirling becomes a holistic experience and gently caresses both body and spirit.

Duravit attaches great value to intuitive operating elements and incredible ease of use. As a result, all functions and additional whirl tub modules, such as LED coloured light, UV hygiene management and the temperature module, can be operated via a control element that is fitted into the rim of the tub. In the whirlpools, the three pool cycles are operated by remote control.

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