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The new technology does not need additional installation work
With SensoWash® C and the appropriate toilets, Duravit can provide a shower-toilet system which is unique in the market—and the extraordinarily harmonious design and the price advantage over comparable competitor products mean it is bound to receive an excellent reception in the market. But it is not only the sales arguments which will convince planners and end users of the benefits of SensoWash® C, but also just how easy it is to fit. Duravit has developed a special method to allow the toilet and toilet seat to be installed simply and safely. This means that SensoWash® C offers clear benefits in terms of installation over comparable products. There are three stages, pre-installation (A), toilet installation (B) and final assembly of the shower-toilet seat (C) and these will be explained in detail below

A. Pre-installation in subfloor



1. The pre-installation set is fitted during the shell phase. It consists of a precision fixing plate, assembly materials, 1/2" fitting, pre-installation datasheet and assembly instructions. The set is tailored to all standard frame systems. (order no. # 0050720000).

2. The parts of the pre-installation set are fitted to the frame system. The universal 1/2" internal thread allows it to be easily connected to the cold water system.

3. Lead the power cable through the point on the wall indicated in the pre-installation datasheet. A cable length of 800 mm ensures easy assembly.

B. Installation of the toilet and connection components.



1. The toilet is supplied with the relevant Durafix quick fittings (for wall-mounted toilets), the cardboard fitting guide, the connection set containing all major connection components and detailed assembly instructions.

2. The fitting guide is placed with the flat side on the floor and the wall-mounted toilet is placed on it upside down. This makes it easy to fit the Durafix quick fittings.

3. The toilet is inverted to leave the glazed waste trap surface exposed and not damaged or scratched. The 1/2" connection bracket is fitted to the prepared water connection on the frame element and the pressure hose is fitted with a union nut.



4. Place the toilet and fitting guide in front of the frame element. The hose, which has already been fitted, is fed through the toilet, pulled out of the opening to the left and fixed using a cardboard clip.

5. The power connection (black connection) is fed through the toilet and fixed at the top using a cardboard clip. The Durafix sleeves are fitted to the hanging bolts, the toilet fitted onto the hanging bolts and fixed from below.

6. The power cable coming out of the wall is connected to a built-in terminal box in the cable box. Fix the cable box in the toilet with the Velcro. The other half of the Velcro is already fitted in the toilet to indicate the position. This means the power connection is safe and invisible.

C. Fitting the SensoWash® C.



1. Fit the mounting plate on the toilet. The pre-fitted water and electrical connection components can be found on the underside of the toilet seat. There are rubber seals to protect against, for example, cleaning water penetrating the inside of the ceramics.

2. Screw together the halves of the power connection coupling. For the water, connect the ball valve to the seat using a union nut. Turn the valve 45° to open and the water connection is ready.

3. Click the toilet seat into the fitting plate at an angle of approx. 15° and you're ready. There is a button on the side to release the seat for cleaning, simply lift slightly and then click back in again.

Doubly safe thanks to Probox
In order to comply with the statutory requirements of DIN EN 1717 on the protection of drinking water from contamination, Duravit has developed a two-tier safety system for SensoWash®. Firstly, the toilet seat has two built-in backflow preventers, one in the connection hose and one in the connection supports. In the unlikely event of low pressure in the drinking water system, backflow of contaminated water is prevented. Secondly, Duravit provides an additional safety device: the Probox. This is installed in the subfloor directly inside the cold water feed, outside the seat. The outlet line leads directly to the toilet seat. This means that Duravit complies with all safety requirements necessary for a product. The Probox also gives sanitation engineers the peace of mind that their installations more than satisfy all the requirements.

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