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11 Aug 2014 —


SensoWash uses water to ensure optimum hygiene

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It’s just not the done thing to talk about problems relating to the “bum” area. It’s simply taboo! Yet diseases of the ano-genital area are not unusual and can often be attributed to poor hygiene. Rectal specialists and dermatologists confirm that skin irritation, eczema or abscesses in this area can be alleviated and even avoided with correct cleansing. Pure water is ideal for this.“Cleansing with water is significantly superior to all other substances”, states dermatology and proctology specialist Dr. Bernhard Lenhard, Director of the Practice for Rectal Diseases in Heidelberg. “If a patient has anal eczema or a rash, an anal wash is especially gentle and promotes the healing process.” You see, wiping with toilet paper irritates the skin further and can exacerbate symptoms. The SensoWash shower-toilet seat is a symbiosis of WC and bidet, and provides just the right level of comfort for gentle personal hygiene.

The SensoWash model from Duravit offers three types of shower for different needs and body regions. The classic Rearwash is suitable both for daily anal hygiene and for particularly gentle care of irritated skin around the bottom. Proctology specialist and independent lecturer PD Dr. Wilhelm Brühl, Director of the Intestinal Clinic Exter, advises: “Those suffering from skin irritations in the bottom area, should use a constant low-pressure stream of water.”SensoWash offers the advantage that each user can adjust both the temperature and pressure of the water individually for all shower types, enabling them to follow the medical advice. The SensoWash e model features an optional soft spray wand, which cleanses with a particularly gentle spray function and is very easy to fit in place of the normal spray.

For patients suffering from anal conditions such as haemorrhoids the Comfortwash is ideal, as it cleans the anal area thoroughly thanks to the spray wand movement and pulsating water jet. “Irritant wound secretions cannot then trigger further inflammation of the skin in that area”, agrees Dr. Lenhard. Both doctors strongly advise against wet wipes: “The worst things for anal cleansing are wet wipes, particularly if you have anal eczema. The additives have a highly allergenic effect, and existing complaints can be made even worse.” The shower-toilet is the most practical solution, especially for allergy sufferers who react sensitively to additives and perfume. Skin irritations and fungal infections are prevented from the outset. “No infections develop in the first place if you use water, because it is 100 per cent free from artificial ingredients”, as Dr. Brühl stresses. Gynaecologists recommend water as well: As well as the anal area women also need to practise careful hygiene of the genital area, especially during menstruation. Thanks to a soft spray function, the Ladywash provides cleansing tailored to a woman’s needs. The advantage of this type of wash is that E. coli bacteria cannot spread to the bladder. Rinsing with water prevents the germs from being transferred to the vagina, thus avoiding infections. SensoWash uses clear water for straightforward and healthy personal hygiene – clean and practical.