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19 May 2015 —


EXPO Milano 2015

Extraordinary and unique: EXPO 2015 is taking place in Milan from May 1 to October 31. It’s the world’s largest event for science, economy, and culture. In keeping with the motto “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, the objective of this year’s exhibition is to find answers to the future challenges of global nutrition.

One hundred and forty-four nations are exhibiting in a space of around one million square meters. The EXPO was not conceived as purely an exhibition — rather the visitors are encouraged to participate a great deal. The focus is on responsible water and energy consumption. For this reason, there are three national pavilions exhibiting Duravit’s ideas for sustainable products.

The EXPO is designed similar to an island surrounded by a water channel. Antique Roman cities were used as inspiration for the world exhibition’s architecture. In accordance with the principle of equality, all of the national pavilions are set up with a view of the large 1.5 kilometer main boulevard. Imposing monuments have purposefully been excluded. Accordingly the German Pavilion titled “Fields of Ideas” presents itself as open, congenial, and humorous, true to its motto: “Be Active!” The visitors gain insight into innovative solutions for future nutrition from Germany. Formally the architecture reminds visitors of a plot of “extracted landscape” that gently rises in a plane to a height of 10 meters. The pavilion is powered solely by solar energy. Its design will continue to be sustainable after the temporary structure is taken down, as most parts are reusable. As a vendor with its own showroom in Milan, Duravit was involved in planning at an early stage. The company paid special attention to sustainable product ideas for bathroom furnishings. For example, the DuraStyle Rimless toilet makes it possible to flawlessly clean the inner surface, even with minimal amounts of water. The shower-toilet seat SensoWash complements the rimless technology, providing gentle cleaning after usage.

The comfortable DuraStyle Rimless toilets are also featured at the Slovakian Pavilion. The motto of the land of beauty and energy at the EXPO 2015 is “Slovakia — Recharge Yourself”. Slovakian traditions as well as modern art are focal points at the pavilion. The energy of the country is expressed in innovative products and technologies of Slovakian researchers and developers.

The central focus of the Brazilian Pavilion is a giant net, a metaphor for the food production chain and global network. As one of the world’s largest food
producers and exporters, Brazil chose as its motto, “Feeding the World with
Solutions”. At the forefront are new technological solutions for ecological food production. Series Starck 3 and Starck 2 toilets and washstands in the sanitary areas show how timeless modernity and sustainability in the bathroom go hand in hand. The simple design remains appealing for years, eliminating the need for unnecessary replacement.

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c SCHMIDHUBER Milla & Partner
c SCHMIDHUBERMilla & Partner