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16 Sep 2015 —


Hardly a place to be alone

Countless toothbrushes, open toothpaste tubes and a colorful assortment of towels. Add a nail polish collection of a roommate and a pink hot-water bottle for cold feet. The first private bathroom not only is a room for personal hygiene but the backdrop for everyday accessories. And above all, a popular meeting place in each flat share. A cool and functional bathroom is therefore in great demand in residential communities. Duravit not only impresses with a young design but also surprises with entry-level prices for the series DuraStyle and Darling New.

Quick and easy to install furniture is particularly what is wanted. Sufficient storage space and generous surface areas are a must - also at the rim of the washbasin. Because in a shared apartment you rarely use the mirror alone. The complete bathroom DuraStyle by Duravit offers a clever vanity combination composed of furniture accessories in oak or American walnut and matching ceramic. The open shelf is used for storing all kinds of bathroom accessories. The wall-mounted toilet DuraStyle with extra flat seat and soft-close system integrates perfectly - and is often used as a seat for a common cup of tea in the morning. And the rimless model is very easy to clean. This ends the arguments about who is to clean.

The Darling New series is full of creative possibilities. The washbasins offer enough space for toothbrush and company, whether they come with a pedestal or are used as an under-the-counter model. The design feature of this series is the harmonic semicircular shape.

Not only the cucumber masks of your best friend add colorful accents to the bathroom in a shared apartment but also towels, soaps and textiles - all rolled together and colorfully mixed. All bathroom furniture of the DuraStyle and Darling New series are now available in 30 different shades - from Jade to Apricot Pearl. Each roommate will find the right surface.

The criteria for the first private bathroom are: it must be multi-functional and easy to clean, provide plenty of storage space and leave room for your own ideas. The only question is the price. Such a cool bathroom costs far less than you may have expected and is affordable for everyone. The fun begins even before you move.

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