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28 Oct 2014 —


Individual and sustainable drying


Duravit Meissen demonstrates its commitment to innovation with the commissioning of the new continuous dryer on the site’s 20th anniversary. It gives the site key advantages for the production of sanitary ceramics.

Duravit Meissen is regarded as one of the most modern ceramic factories in Europe. The site spans an area of 22,000 m² and employs 240 people who help to make the company the success it is today. Since its foundation in 1994, continuous investments have made the factory an important pillar within the Duravit Group. It produces models from the entire product range but specialises in the manufacture of toilets that present a technical challenge. The complex ventilation technology of the new continuous dryer features rotating fans which are capable of both very intensive and gentle drying of the products. Preliminary, process investigations and tests to determine how best to dry sanitary ceramic ensure the effectiveness of the plant.

Gentle drying process – optimum result

The ventilation technology receives various signals from a control system and then uses them to calculate the quickest and gentlest drying process for each individual product: An innovation that optimises the entire process and thereby improves the quality of the ceramics. During the process, known as “rhythmic drying”, the parts are transported directly to the plant. An important advantage that saves both a considerable amount of time and also reduces the number of parts held in stock. The innovative drying method and intelligent materials-handling technology work hand in hand: many parts of the high-bay warehouse logistics were modernised in the course of the installation of the dryer. The plant is already well-equipped for future projects: the system has a variable capacity. Very heavy or even very bulky products can be dried with ease.

In addition to modern technology, the sustainability of the plant is a key consideration. Waste heat from the tunnel furnace is used for drying. This makes the whole process extremely energy-efficient.

The factory in Meissen has introduced both a quality management system and an environmental and energy management system and is certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.